We know that it can sometimes be difficult to keep young children entertained when stuck indoors for the whole day. So, with the help of our AJB team and other partners, we decided to get together a list of resources to help you tackle the boredom and keep your children learning whilst schools are closed. 

So why not become the teacher and support your children to get active, learn something new, and revise those key curriculum modules all from the safety of your living room. 

We’ll be aiming to add even more links and content to the page as we go, so please keep coming back over the next few weeks. Plus, feel free to share any of the content with friends and family, we’re all in this together!

Before we get started, everyone at AJB Sports in Education urges everyone to stay safe and keep as active as you can over the next few weeks. We know it’s a difficult time for all and if anyone just wants to get in touch for a chat or to ask a question, please feel free to drop us a call or a message and we’ll do all we can to help. 

And don’t forget, we’ll be posting daily content on our social media channels with more games, challenges, quizzes and content to keep you moving and engaged! Right, lets have some fun… 

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What do you fancy learning today?

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