AJB Sports in Education have created a unique physically active learning program called Active Minds to help look after your child’s mental health and wellbeing.

We want every pupil to learn how to stay healthy, eat well and combat issues surrounding mental health. We aim to raise awareness of these issues and provide the next generation with the tools to live an active, healthy and happy life!

3 Incredible Programs – Countless benefits to your pupils!

How can we help your school?

Specifically tailored for children of all ages and abilities, we structure each program to your school’s needs and work with every one of our schools to create a template which will be most beneficial for your pupils.

Each lesson involves a mix of ‘circle time chats’, where pupil’s are encouraged to discuss the lesson topic, interspersed with physically active and fun games. We have found this approach positively enhances not only each child’s enjoyment of the session, but sees them interact and engage much more effectively with the process.

Whether weekly whole class programs over an academic year, small group drop in sessions after school, or interventions focused on a core group of children, we work with your school to ensure we are meeting your needs and requirements most effectively.

At a glance:

  • – 3 great programs: Mental Health Awareness / Nutrition / Diabetes Awareness and prevention
  • Highly qualified educators delivering sessions and learning materials developed and endorsed by accredited professionals in each field
  • – Every pupil receives half-termly and yearly progress reports, enabling your school to track and monitor the quality of the programme and pupils’ progress
  • – These reports deliver invaluable evidence to justify and demonstrate your premium spends during Ofsted visits
  • Physically Active Learning helps schools to meet government daily target 30 minutes of physical activity

Get in touch at [email protected] for more information and to bring the benefits to your school today!