Focused on three key areas:

Mental health and building emotional resilience
Diabetes Awareness
Nutrition and Healthy Eating

AJB Sports in Education have created a unique physically active learning program called Active Minds.

Our programme is specifically designed to raise awareness of critical areas of health and well being. Using our many years of experience working in schools and teaching young children, and in partnership with leading healthcare professionals in various fields, we have produced a ground breaking collection of programmes that we feel will better prepare the next generation to live long, healthy, happy and active lives.


How can we help your school?

Whether weekly class programs over an academic year, small group drop in sessions after school, or interventions focused on a core group of children, we work with your school to ensure we are meeting your needs and requirements most effectively.

Each lesson involves a mix of ‘circle time chats’, where pupil’s are encouraged to discuss the lesson topic, interspersed with physically active and fun games. We have found this approach positively enhances not only each child’s enjoyment of the session, but sees them interact and engage much more effectively with the process.

Many schools have found that ACTIVE MINDS is a great way to utilise their Pupil Premium or Primary PE and School Sports Premium.

At a glance features and benefits.

  • Follow RHE & Health Education government guidelines

    High quality, evidence-based lessons specifically designed in accordance with the latest RHE guidelines to ensure your school meets all governmental demands.

  • Online resources, support and face to face training

    All resources are available online for instant lessons, as well as face-to-face training by our highly qualified team and ongoing company support.

  • Individual progress data for each student

    Data is collected from each lesson to produce individual reports displaying impact data and demonstrating effective use of school budgets to meet Ofsted progress requirements.

  • Helps to meet government daily target of 30 mins physical activity!

    Gets pupils learning in a physically active environment and promotes understanding of how to keep physically healthy, eat healthily and maintain an active lifestyle.

  • Designed for year 1 to year 6

    The programme has been written to ensure it is age appropriate and developmentally suitable for each age group in your school.

  • Better immediate and long term academic performance

    A review on the mental and intellectual benefits associated with school based physical activity programmes found that the significant positive effects were seen when children engaged in aerobic physical activity.



The Research.

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