“Andy has delivered several masterclasses to our students and is helping to inspire the next generation of coaches at our University. AJB Sports in Education has provided our students with valuable vocational opportunities to apply their theoretical knowledge and practical skills within a coaching / educational context”

Chris Cattell, Senior Lecturer in Sports Coaching & PE FdSc, University of Worcester

Student Placement Opportunities

AJB Sports in Education is proud to offer chances to young people in order to aid their development and hone their skills within their chosen fields of study. We are incredibly proud to have worked with the University of Worcestershire, Solihull College and HOW College Students on their placement hours and course needs. 

Our ethos of working with young people to help them develop, create, grow, learn and lead within their field runs throughout everything we do. So if we can be the catalyst for your career to take its next step, please contact us and we will be delighted to help.

Check out the interview with AJB staff member Rhys back in 2019. He chats about his time at HOW College on the FdA Sports leadership and Management course and how this has helped him with his career. 

Members of our very own staff: Rhys Curran and Nicole Gasic started with AJB Sports in Education (previously known as Football Fun Camps) by completing their course placement hours with our owner Andy Beeston before being offered jobs within the company. Both Rhys and Nicole attended and shadowed PE Curriculum lessons, After School clubs and Holiday Camps to learn and obtain valuable experience working with children as well as designing, creating and evaluating their own session plans under our guidance – both clearly did a good job!

As a company we work with children aged Reception to Year 6 within schools and children from 5-14 within our camps. We cover a wide range of KS1 and KS2 National Curriculum topics as well as Sports Specific Clubs and Camps so the learning experience opportunities for students are endless. Students are first invited to shadow sessions and as they watch and learn they are also encouraged to begin to plan and lead their own sessions under our supervision.

If you need to gain further experience with a professional company; whether it be within the field of sport and recreation or elsewhere, we are always happy to listen to proposals and meet with students and teachers to see where we can help.

These opportunities are not just limited to Sports Coaching – did you know we have offered placement opportunities in Media and Marketing?

If you are interested in having a placement with us then please contact us at [email protected]