Coronavirus outbreak and AJB Holiday Camps

COVID-19 Virus Update from AJB Sports Education:

For the safety of all children, customers and our team, AJB Sports in Education are continually monitoring government health advice and guidance from Public Health England in relation to the recent COVID-19 outbreak and how it may affect our school work and Easter Holiday camps. 

We have updated our policies and guidelines in accordance to best practice and current guidance from Public Health England and will be monitoring these closely as the situation evolves over the coming days and weeks.

At this current time we would like to help alleviate any fears over your child attending the upcoming Easter holiday camps, and believe that their attendance should be of no additional undue concern to parents and guardians. 

All of our team are receiving additional communication to help in the identification of symptoms, effective handwashing, “catch it, bin it, kill it” and considerations surrounding the sharing of items. In line with ongoing health advice, we will continue to update our training to staff as and when new advice becomes available from the government and health authorities. We will have posters throughout our venue to remind all children to handwash correctly and frequently as per Public Health Guidance and have structured specific time slots into the day to ensure this is adhered to. 

COVID – 19 Updated Policies and Procedures

To protect you, your children and the AJB Sports in Education team, the following policies and procedures have been implemented with immediate effect across our Holiday camps:

1) We will exclude children and staff who have travelled to or have been in close contact with someone who has travelled to countries and regions identified by Public Health England in the last 14 days prior to them attending camp. (

2) We will exclude or remove children and staff  who are showing symptoms and have travelled to or been in close contact with someone who has travelled to countries and regions identified by Public Health England in the 14 days prior to them attending camp ( If a child or team member is identified, they will be immediately excluded and we will call 111 for advice.

3) We will liaise frequently with our school venue to ensure they are following the latest advice from Public Health England.

4) In the event we are forced to close due to the Coronavirus outbreak, we will inform our members immediately by email, providing as much notice as possible. Your booking for the days our camp is closed will be cancelled. If this does occur, we will communicate closely with each person effected to ensure that your booking is resolved in a manner that is agreed upon by all involved.

Friday 13th March 2020

Updated Monday 16th March 2020